About me

I am Maadhavan, at present living in Dubai and working with a MNC. I am from SSV/CSV community. Since our population is very tiny, it is always a challenge to understand our history.

Many people even in India, do not even know about our community.

In year 2009 in Dubai, I met a gentleman from Iyengar (Srivaishna Brahmins of Tamilnadu) community, who was amazed to understand that a community called SSV/CSV exist. Till such time I was under the impression that atleast Srivaishnavites will have clue about our community.

Unfortunately in that year we did not even have Wikipedia article about our community.

Hence I started this blog for the people who would like to know “who are these SSV/CSVs”.

If any one of you have historical details other than the one available here do forward that to me.



4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Gunasekaran.L

    Very Good Mr.Madhavan to taken this activity, this page to create knowledge known about his/her community to younger, I hope the emotional to spread over all the people of SSV/CSV’s by Gunasekaran Lakshminarasu, Chennai – 58

  2. kishtaiahswamy

    Very happy to see this website on Chattada Sri Vaishnavas.
    The articles are very informative and gave insight on the history of this great community.
    Kindly provide me with your contact, for further communication


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