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In Andhra Chathada Srivaishnavas are well organized and had a office of their own in Hyderabad and in several districts.They are trying to help our community people. Now the members of the community is well developed. more than 1000 one thousand boys and girls of Hyderabad alone are in USA and Australia and in Uk and one more thousand from other districts like Karimnagar,warangal etc.One Sri Anantha Swamy had become Vice Chancellor of Usmania University and another Prof gangadhar belonging to our commnty had becomeVice Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi University. More than half dozen are well placed as university professors. Atleast 5 of them had become chief engineers of the State Governments.It is a well knit community growing full in tune with changing times groping without any assistance. be proud of our community which had given the education to villagers from the begining including to late Prime Ministers Sri P.V.Narsimha Rao. Late Narasimham a forest Officer of our community was beheaded by Veerappan in karnataka .There are more than 1000 soft ware engineers in Hyderabad and bangalore. Girls are equal in number.

wish you all the best

KarpuramVenkateswarlu Ex- President of Ap Chathada Srivaishnava Community

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