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Submitted on 2011/07/19 at 10:28 am
Sreemathe Ramanujaya Namah.
Sathatha Sri Vaishnavas or Chattada Sree Vaishnavas are a distinct community basically devoted to the servitude of Lord Sreemannarayana. They scrupulously follow the dictates and preachings of Bhagavad Ramanuja and that of the twelve Alwars. In Andhra Pradesh, they are rendering excellent service in Vaishnava temples as Archaka swamys, taliga swamys and Divya Prabandha Parayanadars, though they neither claim nor recognized as Brahmim Sree Vaishnavas. They have infinite faith in the Visishtadwaita Sampradaya and maintain such traditional discipline and decorum and focus their commitment to the Jeeyar Sampradaya.

The Endowments Department in Govt of Andhra Pradesh
appointed them as Archaka swamys in Vaishnava temples at Kondagattu (Karimnagar Dist), Manyamkonda(Mahabubnagar Dist) and Penchalakona (Nellore Dist).

The State Institute of Temple Administration (SITA) of theEndowments Depts has developed training modules to strengthen and promote the form of Pancharatra Agama worship in the temples where these revered communityis functioning as Archakas, lest the community may not sustain further if not promoted in good number, since their progeny are opting for professional courses and the existing number may get gradually reduced.

Chhattada Sree Vaishnavas deserve encouragement, support and patronage in social, economic, cultural and religious fields further.

provided them berths as Archaka Swamys in certain prominent temples.

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