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By Mr.Venugopal Rao Thirunagari

I am a student of Philosophy , Chattada Srivaishnavite by religion and a retired Bank Executive by profession.
I recently came across this website and felt very interesting to note desire/demand of younger generation to know about their social status and also responses from senior Chattada Vaishnavites.
At the outset, one should congratulate Mr Madhavan, creator of the website and his patient/prudent efforts to elucidate/ educate the teachings of great Ramanuja vis-à-vis Chattada Sri Vaishnavism. It also reminds the paucity of efforts of the various Associations formed in different states in the name of our CASTE.
One senior Chattada Srivaishnavites compares the differences of catholics and protestants with chattada srivaishnavites with Srivaishnavites and another asking about the profession of Chattada Srivaishnavites. I shall be constrained to reveal that in AP one major group of our community is holding Group A (most backward class) certificate of BC List and another Group D-28 of BC List. (i.e on the verge of entering forward class. In AP Bacward Classes have been categorised into A,B,C and D according to their backwardness).
In this discussion, are we not forgetting the responsibility of recognizing the backwardness of fellow human beings i.e. SC/STs. In the Puranic period Hindu Dharma Shastras and Bhagvadgeetha etc. have committed such mistakes. Is it prudent on the part of Chattada Srivaishnavas of modern time backed by the great Ramanuja’s Srivaishnavism the same mistake committed by our ancient elders?
In this present scenario of Globalisation wherein younger generation of our community diaspora spread around the globe, in the first instance, Caste is irrelevant. However, during the transition period of development of our community ( which is awakening the awareness in our younger community) it is imperative to know the genesis of Reservations of SC/ST and Other Backward Classes in this modern India.
Reservation for Socially and educationally backward classes have been listed in constitution of India and was stated set the commission to decide reservation for such classes. Time killing tactics kill 40 years (2 generations) and the reservation based on Mandal Commission report was implemented by V. P. Singh.
One should remember that the Reservations have been introduced in India on the basis of SOCIAL/EDUCATIONAL BACKWARDNESS . But not on the basis of Economical, Political or Religious parametres. The backwardness of a community dependence on all these factors which results in degradation of Social Status. A cursory reading of Books/Talks of Mahatma Phule (for OBCs) and Dr Ambedkar (for OBCs and SC/STs) will give a first hand information in this regard.
I felt very sad when I read the mail of a young Medico’s plight from Tamilnadu and his dilemma of who is Iyer and Iyyengar. In addition to knowing the crux of teachings Mahatma Phule with regard to the social backwardness of OBCs , I earnestly appeal to all young Chattada Srivaishnavites to please read about the basic principles of our Religion “Sri Vaishnavism” and life history of the founder and propagator of that religion – Sri Ramanuja. Please endeavour to know about importance of the temple of Melkote, Karnataka ( Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple). What reforms Ramanuja has introduced in that temple during the 12th Century within the limitations prevailing at that time? Why idols of Alwars are imperative in a SriVaishnavite Temple?
As an ardent student of philosophy, I can write voluminous things about Ramanuja and his teachings but it is suffice to say that he is a Social Reformer and our Acharya is Ramanuja and our Gothra is Ramanuja. He is torch bearer for the new social reorganisation. He is Yathiraja (Emberumannar). He is renowned for the movement of Bhakti (devotion) and Prapatti (Surrender).
His Religion is Srivaishnavam. His philosophy is Tatva Thrayam (i.e. Nature, individual Souls and Supreme God). Supreme God (Brahman /Narayana/Vishnu) qualified by achit (Nature), chit (individual Souls) is the only reality. This is the philosophy of Visistadvaita.
For curious and inquisitive young readers I suggest following books for the brief note on our community prevailing 100 years back.
1. Castes and Tribes of South India by Edgar Thurston Vol-VI P to S pages 297-304
Edition 1909
2. Castes & Tribes of Nizam Dominion by Syed Siraj ul Hasan Vol-1 Edition-1920
Bombay Times Press
3. Andhrula Sangika Charithra (Telugu) by Sri Suravaram Pratap Reddy
All the Pdf files of above books are available on
Before concluding, for the benefit of younger generation of our community, though it may be known to them, I feel it obligatory to reiterate that:
The creamy layer limit for OBC has been increased to 6 lakh from 4.5 lakh.. There is no change in other criteria set earlier. Department of Personnel and Training of Government of India vide its office memorandum no. 36033/1/2013 (Estt- Res) has raised income limit from 4.5 lakh to Rs 6 lakh per anum for determining the Creamy Layer amongst OBC with effect from 16th May 2013.
Please refer following weblinks for the relevant provisions of Central Government.

The eligible OBC candidates are not getting caste certificate due to misinterpretation of creamy layer criteria, especially in case of sons and daughters of government servant.
As per the creamy-layer criteria issued by Government of India DOPT O.M.
No.36012/22/93-Est. (SCT) dated 8.9.1993 (also adopted by Supreme Court in recent judgment on Civil writ petition no. 265/2006 on 27% obc reservation in Central higher educational institutions) following important point is misinterpreted due to which whole country is confused including OBCs and authorities issuing the caste certificate.


(1) Actually the creamy-layer limit of Rs. 6.00 lakhs is not applicable to “government servant’s salary income” and “farmer’s agricultural income”. It is the creamy-layer limit for “business income” only. As the government servants are to be checked by their post held and farmers by their land holdings hence can not be checked by salary/agricultural income.

(2) In rule- (6) showing creamy-layer limit of Rs.6.00 lakhs following explanation is already given:

“Income from salaries or agricultural land shall not be clubbed with income”

Means Income from salaries and agricultural land both shall not be clubbed with
the annual income of parents because there is a separate rule number (2) & (3) provided on the basis of “post held” for salaried persons & rule number (5) is provided on the basis of “land holdings” for persons holding agricultural land.

(3) The criterion (2) & (3) clearly speaks that only the sons and daughter of following
“government servants” will be treated as creamy-layer.
(i) Parents, either of whom is a Class I officer. (Direct Recruitment)
(ii) Parents, both of whom are Class II officers. (Direct Recruitment)
(iii) Parents of whom only father is a Class II officer and he gets into Class I at the age of 40
or earlier.
(iv) In military, colonel and above.
Note- Other than above 4, all the government servants are not creamy-layer.

(4) The criteria (5) clearly speak that only following “farmers” will be treated as creamy-layer.
(i) Having, only irrigated land which is equal to or more than 85% of the statuary ceiling area.
(ii) The rule of exclusion will not apply if the land holding of a family is exclusively un-

Venugopal Rao Thirunagari, Hyderabad Dated 16 Jan 2014

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